Cloud Services

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Put Your IT on the Cloud

From faster, easier software upgrades to eliminating the endless hardware chase, Catharsis Cloud Services stop the headaches and risk brought on by IT ownership with flexible, always up, and up-to-date, cloud-based IT services.

And IT in the Cloud costs less too.

  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Less risk in technology selection
  • Minimal update, support and backup requirements
  • Predictable costs to scale your IT
  • Faster rollouts and disaster recovery

Hosted Email

Manage email, calendars, tasks and public folders without purchase, installation, configuration and support costs.

Email Defence

Protects against spam, viruses, fraud and more.

Email Archiving

Reliable email backup to multiple off-site facilities that meet any compliance requirements.

Email Disaster Recovery

Maintains your email services for up to 60 days when your email system or network is down. Accessible from anywhere.

Hosted Sharepoint

Rollout your SharePoint intranet in hours, not weeks.

Backup Defense

Automatically backup your data over the internet to secure off-site facilities.

Web Defense

Block spyware, viruses and phishing and have more control over employee web surfing.

Network Monitoring

Preventative maintenance that ensures your network servers and devices are always at peak efficiency. Solves problems before they affect your system.

Hosted Voice-over-IP (VoIP)

Hosted VoIP provides all the functionality of an enterprise class telephone system with no hardware and software purchasing requirements and no maintenance and upgrade hassles. Drop a telephone on any desk and connect to your virtual office telephone system. Seamlessly connect multiple offices and remote users and save significantly.

Hosted Co-Located Servers

Move your servers to a state-of-the-art co-location facility with unparalleled reliability for greater peace-of-mind. This facility boasts robust, fully redundant IT Infrastructure allowing you to scale with the comfort that you have built in capacity, stable and secure environment and a 100% uptime guarantee.

Hosted Virtual Servers

Virtual servers allow you to rent just the amount of technical resources that you require to run your environment and avoid the need to purchase and maintain servers and software.

Managed Firewall

Safeguard your business against internet threats without the costs, risks and hassle of purchasing and managing your own firewall. Our service offers a fully managed and monitored firewall 24/7 that will be repaired or replaced at no cost in case of failure.

Cloud Data Storage

Secure cloud storage for your business data that lets your team access their files from any computer, phone or tablet.