Security Services


Secure Your IT and Secure Your Business

The security of your network is constantly under threat and that puts your business at risk. Reduce your risk with Catharsis Security Services.

Email Defence

Protects against spam, viruses, fraud and more.
Ensures email continuity during system downtime.

  • Message Continuity, including outbound virus filtering.
  • Advanced spam blocking, including Premium Multi-Language Anti-Spam Filter.
  • Triple virus and worm scanning.
  • Content and attachment filtering.
  • Email attack protection.
  • Fraud protection.
  • Administration and reporting portal.
  • Sophisticated quarantine management.
  • 14-day spam quarantine.
  • Automated, around-the-clock email threat monitoring and protection.
  • Outbound message filtering .
Email Archiving

Reliable email backup to multiple off-site facilities that meet any compliance requirements.

Web Defence

Block spyware, viruses and phishing and have more control over employee web surfing.

  • URL filtering.
  • Anti-spyware scanning.
  • Anti-virus scanning.
  • Anti-phishing protection.
  • Group policies management.
  • IP- and user-level authentication.
  • Safe Search Protection.
  • Peer-to-peer Site Blocking.
  • Streaming Media Site Blocking.
  • Administration and reporting portal.
  • Automated, around-the-clock Web threat monitoring and protection.

Email, Web & Archiving Bundles

Complete IT security protection delivered through packaged combinations. Email Security, Web Security and Message Archiving solutions.

Backup Defence

Safeguard your business information with secure, automatic and reliable backup and recovery. Automated online backups are preformed daily to a secure off-site facility. Restore your information anytime with a simple ‘point and click’.

Anti-virus for Server and Desktop

Protect your entire network with constantly updated viral protection. Catharsis will recommend, install and manage the right solution for your system.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Quickly and easily retrieve and restore critical data and systems in the event of system failure, corruption, data loss or any other interruption in your system.

Data Recovery Services

Recover data fast from hard drives and/or disks that are no longer accessible. Catharsis partners with several of the leading data recovery specialists.

Security Audits and Tests

Maintain peak system security with one-off or regular security audits that include internal network assessments and external vulnerability scans. Catharsis partners with top IT security providers to offer the more rigorous and comprehensive security audits mandated by regulatory and financial service requirements.