IT Support Services

Strengthen Your Core IT Infrastructure


Catharsis Managed IT support services are offered either a-la-carte or through the Catharsis Office Support Package. The a-la-carte services are usually preferred by companies that have some level of existing IT support and are looking to complement or extend their existing support services. For companies that do not have existing internal IT support resources, our support packages offer a comprehensive bundle of standard IT support services.

Catharsis IT Support Services:

Live-Answer Helpdesk

When you call for IT support, you’ll talk to a courteous human being with answers.

Onsite & Remote Support

Support when you need it, where you need it.

Network Monitoring & Reporting

A finger on the pulse of your infrastructure. Comprehensive and actionable.

Systems Administration

Configuration & management of operating systems and network.

Security Services

Firewall management, antivirus and malware protection, backup and disaster recovery. Your business’ safety, security and risk management is a priority.


Not just the latest, but the most appropriate hardware and software for your needs.

Project Services

Skilled resources to deliver projects under your direction or let Catharsis do the planning and execution for you.

In addition to these services, the support package offers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Support: Our help desk service allows you unlimited support incidents with no additional charges. Feel free to contact us as often as you wish.
  • Scalable Pricing: Our support pricing is based on the number of devices supported in your office and the level of support you choose per device. Our per device pricing can be changed on a monthly basis with 1 month advanced notice so you can scale your support costs to match your business growth (up or down).
  • EasyExit Guarantee: 1 month, no penalty, contract termination.