Managed IT Services

Enjoy uninterrupted productivity as Catharsis handles managing and supporting your technology

Your Problem​s
You experience work disruptions and slowdowns because of malfunctioning and outdated technology. Your employees grow more frustrated by the day, and customers also suffer from slow or unavailable services.
Our Solution​
Catharsis’s team takes over your IT management, keeping everything running smoothly and up to date. Proactive maintenance prevents issues from happening, and if problems do arise, our swift IT support handles it easily.
Your Benefits
Your productivity soars now that you aren’t interrupted by tech problems. Your employees can work smarter, collaborate more easily, and provide the best possible services to your customers thanks to fast, always-available technology.

A Comprehensive Managed Service Plan to Meet All Your IT Needs

Technology downtime and work slowdowns are much more than inconveniences. They cost you real money from lost productivity, unhappy employees, and dissatisfied customers. Keeping your business’s IT running at peak performance can be a difficult and expensive undertaking, but not when you partner with Catharsis Managed IT.

For a flat monthly fee that’s less than the price of hiring a single full-time IT technician, we’ll take over management of all your business technology, including workstations, servers, and network infrastructure. We’ll ensure that you experience minimal downtime backed by valuable IT support 24/7/365. With Catharsis at your side, technology will never hold your business back from reaching its full potential.

Our Managed IT Services include, but are not limited to:

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