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Increase agility, enhance productivity, save money, and much more with a cutting-edge cloud infrastructure from Catharsis

Your Problem​s
Bulky, old-fashioned servers take up space and cost you big to power and maintain. Your data is not as secure as it could be, and your employees have trouble working remotely and collaborating because of IT limitations.
Our Solution​
Catharsis’ cloud specialists design, source, implement, and maintain a modern cloud setup for your business. You no longer have to worry about server storage or maintenance, and your teams can share and collaborate in real time.
Your Benefits
Your business is more agile and works faster than ever before. Energy and maintenance costs are down, and your systems and data are safe on top-tier servers housed in fortified data centers. You maintain a strong competitive edge without having to manage it.

It’s More Secure, Productive, and Cost-Effective in the Cloud

If you haven’t migrated your business IT to the cloud, you’re missing out on a vast number of benefits that your competition can use (or are using) to pull ahead. If you have migrated to the cloud but don’t have an expert IT partner to continually optimize and maintain your cloud infrastructure, you also risk falling behind competitors who are keeping up with ever-advancing cloud technology.

But if you partner with Catharsis Managed IT for your cloud needs, you can enjoy an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure without the uncertainty and burden of management. For a low, flat monthly fee, our cloud technicians will help you determine the right products for your needs, liaise with the vendors, seamlessly migrate your systems and data, and expertly manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure moving forward. You’ll have cutting-edge capabilities, peerless operational agility, reduced operating expenses, and many more cloud benefits while Catharsis handles everything for you.

Our Cloud Services cover a wide range of needs, including:

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