Structured Cabling and Network Design

Optimize your office’s physical network for long-term cost savings and increased productivity

Your Problem​s
Your office network is plagued by tangled cords, overheating devices, cramped spaces, and high maintenance costs. You’ve got a remodel or office move in mind, but you want to ensure everything is set up efficiently so problems don’t crop up later down the road.
Our Solution​
Our technicians apply their design expertise to create an office infrastructure that maximizes usable space and lowers energy costs. We ensure every employee and visitor has access to fast, reliable internet via hard line or Wi-Fi. Everything is handled with care and nothing is lost, even if you are moving locations.
Your Benefits
Your workplace is less cramped and safer to work in. Reliable internet makes employees more productive and customers more satisfied. Your network design finishes quickly, and you are able to transition to a more productive and efficient workplace with little disruption.

Get a Network That Stands the Test of Time

If you understand how your physical office space has an impact on your productivity and bottom line, then you know how important it is to have a well-designed network. Haphazard cabling raises your energy costs, reduces usable space, and makes the workplace unsafe, as tangled cords can trip employees and overheating devices can damage themselves or other equipment. These drawbacks not only increase your operating costs over time, but also frustrate your employees and decrease performance.

Partner with Catharsis, and we’ll ensure your business is a pleasant and efficient place to work. If you are moving or redesigning your office, our relocation specialists will organize all your IT so everything arrives intact, exactly where it’s supposed to be. Whatever IT you need to operate your business, we’ll design a network that keeps your costs low and provides reliable service for years to come.

Our Structured Cabling and Network Design services include:

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