Rest easy knowing Catharsis is protecting your network, data, and physical workplace from every possible angle

Your Problem​s
You are worried about a business-crippling data breach, or have experienced one already and spent too many resources fixing the damage. Preventing the next cyberattack drains your productivity and budget as you try to keep up with the latest malware.
Our Solution​
Catharsis implements multiple layers of cybersecurity into your systems, protecting web browsing, email, downloads and more. Our cybersecurity experts monitor your network 24/7/365 to prevent intrusions and data breaches.
Your Benefits
You can work without worry of a devastating cyberattack, and your business never suffers the loss of revenue and customer confidence that comes from a data breach. You achieve and maintain compliance with any applicable regulations, and the peace of mind you get boosts your workplace productivity.

Security Services to Safeguard Everything You Have Worked For

Keeping a strong cybersecurity posture against always-evolving cyberthreats is resource-intensive, but you can’t afford to overlook it. Your SMB is a favorite target of cybercriminals, because they know that companies like yours usually can’t purchase, implement, and maintain enterprise-grade security like big businesses. But with Catharsis Managed IT’s help, you can.

Our cybersecurity services cover every angle, and protect your business from every kind of existing and emergent cyberattack. We’ll implement email filtering, browser protections, firewalls, server encryption, and many more layers of security to ensure you can work without fear of a business-ending data breach. And if you need to achieve compliance or secure your physical workplace with video surveillance and access controls, we do those too. Imagine how much more you could accomplish with total peace of mind!

Our Cybersecurity Services include, but are not limited to:

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