Boosting the Productivity of Your Remote Workers

Boosting the Productivity of Your Remote Workers

Productivity is a significant challenge for businesses in the best of times, which means that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only complicated things. Now, many businesses are attempting to preserve their productivity by transferring to remote operations. This strategy, if acted upon appropriately, can prove to be effective if the right approach is taken.

Let’s go over what this approach entails to help you make the most of remote work as possible.

Communication is More Critical than Ever

Without a team made up exclusively of members that can perform every aspect of the job independently of one another, some level of interaction will be necessary. This isn’t even considering all of the people outside of your immediate organization that you need to keep in touch with. All of this communication needs to continue if productivity is to be achieved.

The reason why should be obvious: consider how much information is usually shared about the office. Without the thought to share this information while people are working remotely, collaboration isn’t going to happen nearly as effectively, and opportunities are bound to be squandered.

This is why your team needs to be given the tools they need to communicate effectively, and be encouraged to do so at every opportunity.

Take Advantage of the Inherent Flexibility

Just as every person is a little different, we each have different ways we perform better. Some schedules work better than others for some people, and while the office doesn’t typically enable this kind of flexibility, working from home can.

In the right circumstances, this can help employees manage their external responsibilities in tandem with their work ones. Instead of missing a day (and a day’s work and a day’s pay) when they have a medical appointment or family emergency, an employee could make up the missed time from home at their convenience.

More than just an excuse to wear pajamas until dinnertime, remote working can contribute definite benefits to the work/life balance while preserving productivity.

Establishing Boundaries

In order to productively work remotely, an employee must be able to resist distractions. When not under the scrutiny of the office, the temptation to do something (anything) other than the work they are supposed to be doing can become a real problem for some. Watching TV or even doing chores can often get in the way of a productive day’s work. Even family members can potentially cause a distraction, but they can also help to keep an employee’s focus on-task with the right preparation.

With the proper planning, remote work can prove to be a meaningful way for anyone to remain out of the office without sacrificing the productivity they could have otherwise achieved. We are here to help you adopt some of these strategies in your operations. Give Catharsis Managed IT Ltd a call at (416) 865-3376 to get started.

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