Tip of the Week: Improve Operational Efficiency Simply By Adding More Monitors

Tip of the Week: Improve Operational Efficiency Simply By Adding More Monitors

How many monitors do you use? How many do your employees use? If they only have one monitor to be productive with, it could be hampering their ability to work efficiently. By incorporating a second monitor you can provide the construct to overhaul your employee’s productivity and efficiency.

How Multiple Monitors Help
It’s clear that not needing to go from one window or application to the next is a great time saver, but there are other benefits that might fly a bit under the radar. All of this time can quickly add up and be a considerable time sink. Switching by mouse can take as much as 1.5 seconds every time, plus the time it takes for the application to open up again. If you’re transferring data from one application to the next, that’s two second for each item or piece of data that is being transferred. All of that time could be eliminated and used somewhere else if you implemented an additional monitor for each employee.

How It Adds Up
Let’s say that these two seconds are universally attributed to every task that is performed every day at every workstation. Let’s say that you have 30 employees who are all responsible for data entry. These employees are all responsible for updating 2,500 pieces of data every day. If each employee saved two seconds for each piece of data transferred, that would mean 5,000 seconds saved by each one. That’s 83 minutes each day! Multiplied by 30 employees, that’s a time save of about 41 hours. That’s like having an extra five employees working to complete a task, and it’s all because you went out of your way to acquire a second monitor for each of them. The investment can quickly pay for itself.

Other Uses of Additional Monitors
While the above is certainly a reason to consider multiple monitors, there are other reasons why two displays are superior to one. For example, if your organization relies on communication solutions like VoIP or instant messaging, these apps can be opened on the second monitor at all times so that nobody misses an important update or message. Or, if your organization depends on in-depth spreadsheets, they can be set to span both screens, allowing for a better view of their contents.

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